lauantai 31. tammikuuta 2015

Mild Saturday

Overnight in dark veil
moments, I snooze
as the straddle carrier to sleep.
Time then begins
slowly quietly drumming
melody in the night.
Then the degree of dormancy
I wake, jerky, and
dirty nails I eat.
Yet, I am writing in a star
this night. I cliches
I was repeating, and the stars, the moon,
I smile in my thoughts.

Fool the eye at an angle
awakening smile glow.
Crying, laughing, or, it is
just the same now.
navigated by ideas
insanely dark woods.
Still, melancholy my bridges
off drive them.

In fact, your emotions strongly
I control, I do not count
the soul of the ship
never aground, I ship
the bottom of the frame.

Today it is mild Saturday,
it is to write, writer
the word was finished.

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