perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2015

The head of the internal ukemi

The head of the internal ukemi,
a controlled crash.
Sicilian gene,
they break down the road
even in the darkest thoughts.

Up, down, just as the wave motion,
now not in a hurry
tomorrow. I do not want that the
acts of terrorism to the world,
I am new wars.

Someone next door to shout loud,
I may have a little story to write,
Then I'm walking solitude alley.
There can not ever go
too hard. The idea of flight,
and I am the space of Bermuda
in the triangle. It can be a long,
or lyhtyt the idea of slim.

Drumming guy wants a relaxed,
it is a good new totistista
a hobby to a friend.
I thought the warm
I let escape
out of those words.
Who are suffering from over gray
Patino. In my bosom I
want to increase the parasitic animals.

The light slowly flows
january murky,
the arrival of spring, it is never
makes too much heartburn. I do not like
However, wet slush.

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