lauantai 17. tammikuuta 2015


Growing flood of emotions,
rapids rated
there not hesitate to throw myself into.
I have lived too many years,
everything the hard way
what the
fought tooth and nail.
It is the only resident of paradise,
it is a devious shown,
it odd sex guides
I stayed eyes at people sell.

Odd, this feeling inside
means that I am worthless.
I no longer believe in miracles,
they are the seven seals
under the lead coffin,
lost paradise hidden in a cave.
Now there are only this life ragged,
that pass by my side, he,
the tenderness
sticking to the hand of humanity.

I went far enough,
wheels of the same circle
until I,
and humanity
remnants of the once encountered.

Faint light shining from within when
I realized suddenly.

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