lauantai 8. maaliskuuta 2014

The joy of sorrow lap

The pleasure of sitting in the lap of grief, 
gray, dark days are are mine. 
Guests face my day 
pallid gaze creates, 
I arrive at the darkness through the night to create a shadow. 
Half the night, clouds blackness, 
a dream of peace in my soul willing. 
Shadows are a dream of red velvet. 
Impatient world, 
Remember again, 
how to play with my emotions. 
Violate a confident opinion 
out of balance, as well as the peace of the way. 

I have learned how to listen, 
learned to speak on deaf ears. 
Learned to be a doormat, 
the hall door. 
Large grief boots, 
leave dirty marks. 
The frost will bring home the pork, 
lead doormat creates.

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