lauantai 1. maaliskuuta 2014

Senses open today

Senses open today 
hasten the day aside. 
The life of the weakest confidence 
I'm caught. 
Where is my path, which 
is part of the way in fate? 
Perhaps a moment of love, 
to wait for the ice. 
The memories of yesterday, 
are clear mirror tomorrow. 
So much for the wisdom of 
brought years in the ointment. 
Troubles, worries, my shoulder 
weighed bowed. 
Still, still here I dreamed, 
I remember the days of the white, the black even. 
Twilight clouds, the sun pounds, 
the joy of life, they hid my heart. 
Philosophy is the lightest on the wings of me 
to lift up, tomorrow it 
back of my neck passionately gasp. 

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