maanantai 24. maaliskuuta 2014

Give him

Inside an empty fulfillment of none. 
My soul goes utopia lands. 
I'm too exhausted from the field of love. 
Killed in action once in the past. 
Prepare the grain of the underworld ferryman trip 
do not save me the most beautiful words. 
Echoing inside the most beautiful songs, 
in my mind screaming victim of the blood spilled on the ground. 
It roars of tears because of the mighty sea. 
So my mind sighs, the most handsome of the mighty 
bring me to wife, bind 
the helm of my ship to catch the last trip. 

It is the only road to death disposed of beauties. 
As for the sea sighs beautiful Meeri 
I already give it up, bring quickly. 
Give him the grace of the key; 
the hair of Samson's strength to swing into the wind 
in millions of ways. Having a groom underworld 
him, stripped down only. 
The time to change the foam of the sea, 
bright sound of sirens.

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