perjantai 14. maaliskuuta 2014

Satin nights

They Satin nights, 
I tied the memory of silk ribbons 
stick to the books and covers. 
Those nights are past, 
and love. 
They were buried in the rubble 
yesterday. Now I'm longing for 
the mirror is a time blacked 
its gloss. 
Now is the time for tomorrow, 
time for a new creation. 
Night in a dark velvet; 
the sky in silence descends. 

It is decorated with stars 
not the mother country, while 
He rides in the sky. 
Then the time is to return to 
the scope of the ruthless. 
Now invite goblins morning 
caves to sleep, 
they are looking for beautiful dreams. 
Piano playing at the time of longing, 
Now it's morning, and arrives at the 
last day, and all the work .. 
Now, the music at the altar 
my heart sing, 
arias of love. 
Already my hair descends morning, 
the sky will turn off the Otava, 
as well as towards the majestic Orion.

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