perjantai 14. maaliskuuta 2014

Oh world

Oh world,
how you dissapointed me
didn´t find my way
to the nites, - nites of satin.
I was only wrapped in rough linen.

Once I was young,
like Aino, the Karelian beauty,
just like a woman from Kalevala
and the world was laying on my feet…
It was before something
that I now, in my memories call
the endless witch-hunt.

And I wanted to be
romantic and happy, then,
just for a while.

Now, wrapped in rough linen
I roughen myself,
and with my hallucinated mind
leave my inner softness
open to visions, poems.

My days are filled
with the variousity of loneliness
all of it, all of its kind.

And at the very moment
feeling so sad, so lonely
I stamp on my former dreams
with my own two feet

Those feet; once so strong
those Two, dancing,
through that Year
that once was
even my stumbling voice then,
turned to the echo of the voice of siren,
and like a mermaid, made of salty silky water,
I just danced through those endless nights
of that Year, that joy, that melody

And now, how can it be
that I wrap myself in rough linen
with the memories
How can it be

Those nites of satin all so far,
never coming back
never again
to me.

© satu tanninen

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