perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Ode to Joensuu

I have a bubbly character,
As of the last fashion magazine room .
I can not call into question some
The character of the gods . In March
implementation of reconstruction of years , life
for a moment I could not favored.
I close the eyes, but can I
punahohtoiset glasses as a gift?

Gray early March ,
A seagull flying swinging in the mouth of the peninsula .
I am writing an ode Joensuu ,
Sointula chords tailor -consuming steps.
I am afraid of the time,
neck crashing the news of cargo .
Ukraine, echoing the news
a sad mood , I like stockfish .
Solidified, and quite numb ,
housing loan in the box , March
already impatient gray
rise skyline.

Even in the midst of one of the asphalt
grow lonely bird's nesting .
My heart is singing songs with
the bird's lonely . My mind feels,
a sense of each , which in the rotation
creates out of the landscape. part of the wind
appeal , it is looking for people to his side ;
so as I was. still here
I listen to the wind , you are no longer
just a faded photograph,
 which sometimes secretly kiss .

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