maanantai 3. maaliskuuta 2014

One step lurch

One step lurch, 
all over the grip is lost. 
Heart pain inside patoaa, 
crazy cry tomorrow, 
is the cry of pain of creation. 
Sf-old family film Suominen. 
Through the glory and freedom of conscience, 
check the condition of the firm. 

Space Echo answers, 
wind-only auction. 
Mother Earth has a laptop open, 
I feel it in millions of ways. 
The meaning of existence, 
whether to expel a nasty now? 

Niskavuoren Heta now 
a martyr is born. 
A new age of atoms, 
there is a virtual tomorrow. 
The journey time to under heaven, 
I get the virtual airship. 

Tattoo of the soul at a price 
a chip under the skin surface of the skin. 
Physics, and chemistry, this hypothermia. 
Now add on top of the felt, 
until I get to sleep in. 
Hands across the chest under the 
up the cry to God. 
Sees the creation of single 
the same nightmare.

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