torstai 20. maaliskuuta 2014

Still in a good mood

The soul is tormented by a nasty-ending. 
Light the lamp of my soul, 
I want this darkness 
a little light. 
I want to taste your lips 
the sparkling, sparkling wine. 
I want to get drunk by your words, 
I send this to you now, 
agonizingly dull. 
Will not be 
you are no longer a word? 

I'd like to forget you, 
and the frozen ground of this city. 
I do not know what else I would like to, 
these winds head 
with cold hurts too much. 
Thursday hope to blow 
winds its way, I still 
alone under the blanket and the cold is. 

Yet, today, I am longing 
in the middle of a good mood. 
Your photos up to you, it is the mirror of my soul 
forever glued. 
It's light in the spring time, 
cause of pain, the memories 
sprout too, is growing like a wild wine.

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