maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

Does not make any sense

The world is closing her eyes, 
when evil creeps out of the shadows. 
Fearful of the street walkers, 
shifty looking back. 
In no way make any sense, 
this world to pieces smash. 
So stalks the eagle above the world, 
what a catch today grows. 
We quietly hidden fears 
until fully indulge in the midst of sorrow. 
After a while the charm, they are like 
bloody revolutions. 
Not gold, and glory, 
honest means to own part of an eagle. 
Now the winds of change are blowing only, 
the smell of blood in Ukraine will bring. 
I still listen to the anxiety, 
the knot me in a fetal position. 
Strength may be chained, I was lonely 
closed, this two-room flat.

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