sunnuntai 30. maaliskuuta 2014

Daylight Saving Time

The clock back, slow-paced ticking. 
Time in a random form of carrier, a spring 
pull model is history. 
Granny clock struck the hour, 
noon announced itself. 
In today's times, just ticking 
similar to the old days. 
The batteries last for some time, 
summer-tuned network 
upon the world 
April stalking unpredictable 
around the corner. I woke up 
After a bit of a night's sleep, 
pale as a sheet. 
The poem of my ghost, it's in my ear 
whispers, tells of the time. 
Burnt out ideas, 
open on Sunday morning. 
The door open to this day, 
I give my thoughts of power.

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