perjantai 7. lokakuuta 2016


  In life should be prepared for
all evils feel
pain when a heart of stone
wears armor.
Weak cries until
drops of blood change
tears. what is it
I wonder if you what to do,
when evil has horns
through the skin. No rest
Time will bring peace, only
the vampire
world flowing
human joy out of the drink.
It is sometimes abandoned
battle, trembling
with tears. Sometimes you have to die
like zombies, the living body in place.
Pain pounds language
the wall, and the silent
deaf does not know sign language
tell you everything you need to
provoking message.
Children of the World, they face
news images, I always see
across the flies in his eyes.
I can not worry suffering
off eviction.
Unfortunately, it is like a longing
morning dew that night
recedes man on the cross
is nailing it does not escape
can not not help comforting
morning tea.

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