keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

And crisp autumn mornings

Are beautiful and crisp autumn
Mornings, marsh mist pace
dancing ghosts from the past.
Too many people suffer you get
so much frost sorrow of the heart
raping the frozen ground.
Disappointing burn to the bottom
too often, warm love.
I walk voyage here
forest maiden Marjatta am I
or the daughter of the king of the forest Tellervo?
Tell your favorite maid who already have
you are as Lemminkäinen
flirt too much cuckoo maids
nightingale secretly craving.
My mother is a country, and my father
rapids molten sea waters
ride. where are disappointing
years growing up in oblivion,
they tend to pale snowy veil
under it to hide the sorrows
the rape. Soon is
frost again, and the Ice Queen
to build a bridge for the winter
will be crowned. I tardiness in
my heart I do not miss it
Lemminkäinen are playing with fire.
I do not give in to dangerous love.

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