keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016


 In the evening I go to sleep in peace,
when it finally is,
I feel still inside
Northern fires dance
as well as the moonlight glow.
The owl hooting at night behind a window,
and The Dark Knight sleep soon make the trip.
Night does not want to sleep sleepy
a woman inside the lava
power increase. you calm
used to sleep at night I
supervision, but, and I feel oestrus
gloss worms and night musky
fragrance eagerly.
Just so completely homeless
is an odd man, no sisters,
brothers did not own, he is
miserable tramp the country. No can do
any place to take root,
not to burst into bloom.
No offspring to continue, does not change
dance dress, she yearns only,
and longed for, and within the human blues sounds.
Overall, drank a glass of wine
finally moth morning, and the morning sun
alone gleefully, after a night of controlled
weary man.

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