tiistai 11. lokakuuta 2016

Dreams escape route

Dreams escape route must
inside me eye-empty
to grow, it is like
the lost wilderness.
Who's afraid of tomorrow
He is more sensitive than the
second, this love
homeland to teach us
Only the Social Insurance Institution
war. people stop shop
another is controlled.
It is homelessness
the only one that does not grow gold
or glory.
Flows through my veins love
a great longing, and body
arc bends towards the tears
the harbor. I walk towards the
the endless emptiness in front of
is the abandonment of the period,
they are non-existent beloved
embraces. I need a way out
where a signpost directs,
I want somewhere warm
float in water
is not muddy bottom.
There is no shortcut to happiness,
no quick path to love.
What am I to those feelings
I do when I have a lot of
more sensitive than others?
The words inside are increasing,
grow like parasites happy.
Dance on top of the rope.
And the world is a big circus arena
is. This is my home
the world and the underworld laws.
You're a friend in there somewhere
did you get here what sharks?

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