tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2016

Autumn steps must set the pace

  Love is it bartered
or flea market stuff
rare or antique store
patina? Today I can get messed up
life yarns node.
Inside there is a feeling inside me that
burn, as well as distressing.
What are the laws of the kingdom
our step we echo
sets the pace? Return to the road is not
no longer exist tomorrow,
and genuine feelings of how
can carry tomorrow?
I retreat to myself
I build it, writing
I give out my stuff.
I can create a writing
the world's most beautiful
the shining of the sun. Lunar
as well as the sun dance.
Star sky with a roller
Northern fires. you all
you are with me, but I'm able
I support you and stand
do you have for me
no exchange of love trade
to give?

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