lauantai 8. lokakuuta 2016

Insomnia prisoner

Too wide world
inviting way, and curious
men who travel it takes place.
Insomnia encircle it
wonders to investigate human.
The endless solitude
nails through the palms of beats,
can not find a suitable place
rest of the day or night.
Too many things to whisper
space, and the northern fires
invites you to take a look at dance
Multi opportunity. dream away
it disappears like a prison is
too many stories to tell
night restless heart.
Oh, hurry, hurry to enter the
how the moon shines, and
dancing with the stars mazurka
before dark
restful peace descends.
So too always monitors
he who was joined
just endless loneliness,
its only friend,
I will not rest, peace he gets
no place to fall asleep,
until the eternal sleep invites
her mother earth.

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