keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

Control handle is too high

Control handle is too high
it does not reach the low men.
Interest rates are boots
too thorny.
Today I'm lost I do not
I do not know where I come from.
I'm still trod the path
to thee, and give
too large a ransom for you.
Yet I will leave it to you to tell
in you have something to myself
torture, punish whip with impacts.
Someone else could be better
to me, the other not only am
like you. You finished with me
your lap even though I would be completely in tatters.
For you I am the other authentic self is,
Always take off with you from this author
skin, it is tucked away in a closet.
The hectic days, the polar deserts
hiking tours, they do I download my battery
Virtual waves, then I walk.
What then, when I no longer
be drunk from you, I will not be your ecstasy

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