maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2016

Giver of love

The beams glow worshipers
they are nocturnal as bats monitor.
Not enough for ugliness not
love the most valuable
so I will knife attack
I got into my soul. Shadows, as well as
Battle of the lights is like
the world's least reliable scales.
Oh baby please let me know it
the world's best saga
it shall not include Iceland
or a small eastern Haaga.
Then if a man does not understand
as himself, does not feel empathy
towards the other alongside the wanderer.
He's just an empty shell without
Solomon's common sense, and heart.
No harm him any season of the year
does not burden any snow or sleet.
We are here to life in the theater arena
too many who are wrong
the role chosen. Although the truth
as well as the lie rival
the curtain rises. flick
season always carries the morning
under his arm. Perhaps only love
can be incorruptible, the best
the giver is able to share the love
around the lucky beggars
the misery of his subjects, as well as kings.

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