tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2016

The story will change

Street lamps in the autumn glows
Repentance, a fairy tale may be unhappy
at the end. Forcibly forget everything
importance, urgency and action into.
Silent School valedictorian is
corner distressed heart
torn up the pain strikes
nails through the lungs.
Still, I breathe, this
autumn decomposable mold
air. Someone strange personality
I live like Gone with the Wind movie
new filming.

Dark fold away from the light free
passing the alleyway, I know
inside a strong shock.
It feels as pain against the webs,
not this place is not safe
lives of children. For a while
autumn thrives in the lap of the morning dew.
We still have a permanent ground frost
to come, the heart inside of it
still numb with cold already.
Dark, dark road of destiny.

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