torstai 8. syyskuuta 2016


Autumn closes the arms of the man
he needs another  to play alongside
consolation heartbroken.
Winds from the back I get up again
I am afraid to shade the surface of the street
are drawn. I'm alone here
the dawn of a cool,
invites you to the path in front of the day
ascending. inside of me
may be in need of sound to ring
again. The Netherlands refers to the road
forge, what it
I write where you will take the road of life?
Thursday trumpet call gets
fanfare rises into the air.
September viper flattened by a car.
Back to the longing inside it

snake's skin by law fumes
smell gets.
Street invites the crowd among the
I'm leaving your traffic
when the urgency is the time,
the day I forget the fascination of the Northern Lights
as well as glow to spread the moonlight.

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