tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Cosmic moment

From sunrise to sunset
cosmic lights up and goes out.
Fight with the person's internal battle
weary sleepless clouds of sheep
empty pads somewhere hidden in the air is.
Where is my home? In a world where
we live as in the jungle.
At the junction there, and the cloak here
the passage of advising there, and over here
the relentless rush of time, and whether the stroke
the only friend?
Cosmic inflation emptiness full of
in the middle of the heart too big a hole
the love of the wind breaking,
Poor thing can be a small human Poor old.
FLAMMABLE STEPS will go the way of the ark,
In no sense, does not in any view.
Still, the battle will be sufficient to
what you get in front of them to sow them, with.
From sometimes mocking laugh.
Sometimes I tear my hair I cry,
and rage. One moment is here,
and now that all would like to thank.
A friend costly that thoughts
warm hand paste into your hand.

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