sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2016

Morning idea

Wrap yourself in a sometimes melancholy
it can be a moment for my wedding veil.
I've had too many weeks
dumb school valedictorian,
conversational perhaps completely forgot.
I expect the unexpected
open before this feeling of the lock,
I do not want to be forgotten bride
old aspiring rock gods.
I want to forget this
mad melancholy and fatigue
this life. In the morning . Floatation
always a moment agree on the dunes
utopia in the desert. I remember many
a good phrase, I think I buy
a couple of thorny roses to decorate
a flower vase. then I read
a random poem
Paavo Haavikko. Six o'clock
arise in the morning might be a new poem.
Tomorrow is Monday again
Tuesday I hope to create, Wednesday
it may be too quagmire.
I'm worn down by feelings
boring at the shortcomings writer
comma to a point.
Half human, all too often
with the presence of half-used clichés.

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