maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Rush into the unknown

More than the sand of the beach dewy
passes traces of yesterday's
they are sunk deep into the
stick in the sand,
and the relentless pain of a knife
hit in the groin.
Mother of the skirt hem
towards the edge of space
flutter. Now, in a hurry unknown
night to blow up the northern lights glowing
the sky dance. Moon
invites you to dance and stars,
You came back for a moment
I will create, as quickly
you left off. you are afraid
drowning in love to the river.
Always more broken resistance
you get when you want something
the broken piece together.
I can not stand this crazy screaming
time I do not wear darn word.
Joensuu is one of fiddling place
than in Helsinki. The best thing
all have friends who
always dragging behind him
suitcases to arrive
come to us again.

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