maanantai 29. elokuuta 2016

The author's testament

In my heart of scorching the soul
destructive time to eat, it is going to
the last years as,  rather than the finished
to transfer part of the memories
for posterity. Bowing yet to have a Christmas
time, metaphorically manger straw.
Time goes off inside me slowly
Section lull in the underworld of grain.
Melanoma of the skin surface of the grate
it decides to shorten the life of the wire.
The fever to burn the nerve to a toiler
who lend a hand cooling.
I know the last few years
weight down to the shoulders
sink, inviting me
invites you to the bosom. Time is
pain, and chaos Finnish Maiden
skirts raping torn.
The date of the power of words
I travel to other cheek piece, friend
the heart is too cold. not stretch out
He pushes his hand away
another heart in need of.
I wonder what the Finnish Children
Heritage is part of what the future
the path of destiny? yet I'll stay
here present, I laugh dance
I play through a difficult solitaire.
Before the calculation of the grave La dolce
refers most urgent feelings about dance
longingly into the arms of your beloved.
What is heaven to me what
the road to hell.

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