torstai 25. elokuuta 2016

A friend needed

I would like to be your only female
it is too much to ask, fun
mute it, I did not really like it.
Iron Wire that I do not have enough
it becomes a big problem.
You have a good sense of the sphere Lost
even though I had a night in curlers
their hair. In the evening shadows on the walls
dancing just where is my happiness
where is my love? What I
I own, they are the world's windy journey
I received. I got too dumb language,
to think of the mind to write
to always open the door jamb.
Autumn lurking in the corners again
cold like the wind am I  the love inside the country?
I do not hold the door shut at night
you are free to come and go
no freedom of the wild steppe wind
with the race to fly.
It seems to me too
sometimes melancholy.
Today, hope for a better
 fills the heart
the country, not only is no one whose
with their feelings.
Too much time it took, when
you took my manifesto
internal lock of the soul I guess it jointly.
Now it is inside me
free love's enlistment.
Will you receive it, or
skip the feelings only?

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