torstai 18. elokuuta 2016


Sometimes I was dreaming,
and I jumped over the clouds
steps lightly.
Cloudy rise
many different statues
one of them, Peter Pan
points out, and the time
whispers above what what
terrestrial. Today
I am yours, tomorrow
it is always a new day,
then maybe you disappear from me
every shred of reason?
I'm not in love
I still love you.
Perhaps a love poem
beautiful you write?
Perhaps you are not at all
my man, and I
not a fairy. For a moment
I can be hazy light
fairy kind.
Nano Seconds I
not really your woman.
Peter Pan maybe you are
like a butterfly, and the following
flowers per move
by plane?
I am not a
invisible fairy,
I am sometimes very
living, and lustful woman.

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