keskiviikko 31. elokuuta 2016

September viper

Whenever spring comes, we
assholes to each other
like a stick-tights stick to grab.
over the summer, each other
lap swings.
Then, when the autumn arrived
You mussel pearl
Law hid the envelope.
I troubled waters of the world
I stayed alone float
and longing, longing tears
flooded the world got.
I do not know freaking out days
whether everyday or Sunday.
I lost my happiness inside me
resulting from the joy of tomorrow.
Hard storm winds
still ahead of us, today,
I am taking a breather in between
wind, and rain on your lap.
Hopes of a dream come your way;
darkness does not get buried alive
we are attached to each other.
September viper woman's ankle
wraps around.
Peter Pan is lost
from within the flame mischievous.
questions to consider
the air rises again,
I by evening alone
I walk in the room.
The summer heat of memories
I close my coffin.
I light a candle flame
the shadows flickered on the walls.

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