maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2016

Goodbye night

Goodbye night,
my heart beats wild loneliness.
Humanity We went inside,
it is a fresh sparkling wine.
The night shadows, agrees
 with the dance of darkness.
Morning towards the control over them,
so is the cold,
the frost blanket under harsh happens.

Already arrived in the small hours,
not the people of darkness in the corners
no longer visible.
So goodbye to the night,
my heart beats wild again.
Soon again the morning dawns,
and the baptism of tears pearls
Mother Earth must pour out.

It is the children of the dirty,
the islets pollutes the man.
Like the aliens from their caves,
It is a set of cold unfeeling.
It is urgent to rob,
the world raped.
Wealth and money, but
increase their own status.

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