keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2016


I am here you somewhere
far from life.
Then, when the love inside me eat me,
is bustling with warm blood,
unrest is great work.
At the end of the world, standing in the emptiness of life.
All fades away,
is just now.
Yesterday's mist has disappeared,
The future of happiness out of the held back.
Overall, what I remember,
Time destroys,
Eternity will already transferred the day.
Your image tattooed on my soul just to bring into.
It is in my mind of my life,
not tomorrow,
I do not want any more pain raised.
I know that I am the smallest in the world,
you hid when, the morning dawns and
all light to steal.
Secretly write your name in the rock beach.

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