lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2016

I have loved

Fear already off to escape
the anger inside me silent;
old and wise
bypass all the traps.
They would like to unite the people,
if only it would be
I think it has been perfected
finally the Sorcerer's Stone
smooth as a child's cheek
without any edge.
I fell on my noble evening
when you choose to work
slavery. so it takes
Easter this alone.
It was not me who
in vain rat race
remained closed. Visit brighter
Dates point arrives
crazy April.
I have loved
too, and was glad
does not always have to be so.
I'm getting to be too
it is a silent hermit,
writer strange.
I am not covetous en
man support an woman.
My eyes do not rotate
notes, not coins
they another
feet on purpose
were left.

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