sunnuntai 27. maaliskuuta 2016

I will stand on their own two feet

So I did it, I built
the ruins of the love of the sky like ashes.
Words, after the words, shrapnel en
no longer collect. They are all over again
glued to the pot, the world again
come alive.

Still, it can not eliminate it from me
the loneliness, the stubbornness,
which is smoldering inside me pretty good reason.
It needs joined by a great friendship,
will never accept injustice,
and indecision.
Am I a course to the number without a goal,
I might be wrong with the way I walk?
Who here does go too much,
I'm a water-resistant,
you have to wash it off the mask.

The worst thing today is to me become blind
is too glowing charisma you.
I will join with beautiful leprechaun,
please bring it to me in caves of darkness.
I was in this light,
I come only with the operation of the blind.

I was standing on their own two feet,
who brought me up to stand.
Thank you bestowed upon him, I will say it directly.
In my dreams, I always hear the voice of Aphrodite.
He always says: Is that my dream
dancing fairies without nuptial hunt.
They have a butterfly's wings, grow
shoulders to catch, spring comes they
air people taking rise
the strong take-off. against them
as soon as dragonflies flying already.

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