lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2016


You did you see the angel flying
the Drama bar window?
From tomorrow the news
is silent, does not tell us
nothing rationally inexplicable.
Weather premises only embroidering
the sun is shining or
is it raining sleet ground.

A long time ago, I noticed it already
the fact miraculous
increased hand of the man
stick to the beer into the glass.
I can not lie to you
I would sometimes angry
how did life treat
we dropped the angel wings.

Pub is not part of the rose
not very strange
I have seen that the gutter
and missing the soul of the devil.
It does not matter, not really
No matter empty churches
rusty gates scream
jackdaw pace flock to the wing attacks.

Who believes to which
someone the power of the word of God.
Philosophy and religion side by side
visit the port tomorrow,
visit the topics of evolution
or the creation of the world.
I can not change the sense of what
I know, love died out
a long time ago somewhere in the coffin of lead
I'm wearing buried
black widow costume
I do not belong any longer
happy family.

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