sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2016

I have lived too long

Those birds of paradise
I look with disdain
and blowing smoke
side profile over.
I am a strange bird
black swan,
among the odd
White swans.
We fled to each other
we applied elsewhere in pairs
and so like a boomerang
past thoughts
returned. dumb
singing heart inside
man, if lost
partner is a human being.
songs in my soul
mirror the past
time, what a life
time for rank and file.
I do not fly anymore bird
I rotate the cage
just as the same circle.
I have lived too long,
I kissed
is a child, a man, wind
as well as the sun.
Inexhaustible chested
as many of the world
had fed the child, the world's
the winds that they
I lost.

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