keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2016

Love battlefield

Fighting against time
musty smelling winds
love whip Act
a whip on your back
world wonder
who will be afraid of it?

If you ever still the same
wavelength encountered
I ask you whether we
still have a chance
love one another?

Sometimes at night the night dreams
dig out the old
love, then
my head starts too
to tighten the hoop.
When I dream
and space, the asterisks
the dream versa.
Oh winds produce artificial
love sometimes here,
then I will be your
everlasting friends?

I look forward to it here,
and a sense of direction to reality
I lose. I'm trying to
in vain to change to another
it for you
I know of love.
fight against it
and you never get it
I do admit.

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