lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2016

The heroes do not do so

Do not you ever see it
how to love a burden
press the back alway
and get the camel's back
fracture. You run
a pint of beer over to
a sparkling attract.
The heroes do not do so
beginnings and endings
the treadmill is running again.
I walk away from you
as a fatal
then this movie star
the girl went away from you.
I do not know what we went
not roll my sleeves
and I remember the atmosphere
with swinging skirts
Marilyn Monroe
and the blind man a cigarette wrapper.
There is no longer time for the former
never to return, and
a tear corner of the eye
wiper secretly. again so
a lot of love lost
wasted, I will go
let this opportunity
become like darkness.
I will let the wind's not all
vain hopes that
you and I never would have me.

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