torstai 3. maaliskuuta 2016

After the dust settles

   After the dust settles 
    the ruins of love. 
    I kept raising it in the air 
    again, I learned it the hard way. 
    My way through the thousands of runs in error, 
    has not been marked out at 
the correct junctions direction. 
    I travel only hesitantly forward, 
    yard while listening to the song of trees, the wind. 
    I just shut up, all I'm saying, 
    are written in sentences. they whisper 
    to the moon, not the one reading the hearing. 
    This day is crazy silent auction tomorrow. 
    It's the feeling of the air of silence sighs. 
    Bird cherry smell, the winds bring to me, 
    but the ruins of the dust in the air without lifting.

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