torstai 26. marraskuuta 2015

The poem Thursday Spectrum

Light dance sound spectrum March
rain arc of colors may be achieved.
The human eye sensitivity in nanometers
green color travel Dot
another. Energy photons travel
seeking a path along the right frequency.
The sound spectrum of the inspired writers
through the ears, it creates
the text of the rhythm of the rocking.

I saw a rainbow,
the spectra go crazy.
I walked uncovered hair in the wind
when you got to know when.
Now, you do not suppose you will not be satisfied.
You are in November the old lion,
viagra bottle pocket. 

Throughout the winter home Veijo,
it is about a man juices all
out of the squeeze.
You can not be me,
It ends on the cob
a large moon rising.
Sure'd like to be a man of strong,
Tarzankin which is a rubber bone.

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