keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2017


January to early

Sounds like oak barrel
disobedient month
getting used to the cold winter nights.
Sointula the word rang inside me
the same wisdom lives inside me
as my father. Philosophical
Master's head is not a miracle,
if it ever a moment spreads.
January frost white frost
the rhythm of the breath spreads.
Great-grandfather of wine was tannic
placebo. Sisilia there my roots
is the genome of MS
on the ground. There she grandfather
I guess his father is in heaven.
Snooze chords, notes
the pace of pain, goat,
turning circuit january it
the light may gradually grow.
You are the heart of heat
informant, a young man standing dead
prematurely. I still
struggled to catch up life
yarn, I'm so than
puppet, marionette
life theater stage.
January is blowing cold air
our city, air
is like the North Pole.

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