torstai 19. tammikuuta 2017

I would like to hand over already

I would like to hand over already,
still surface of the water I will raise my head.
less than those of old memories
a moment captured by the ice.
Memories of the sea for a moment a storm,
I'm the other side
surf through the small moment other.
I feel just great longing,
exhausting and disappointing.

Lived life, my poetry rhymes
color. Conn song of longing
note, when my memories path
I walk through the decades.

Today I am free of memories,
as a bird can be.
My thoughts were free to fly may be,
I would like a moment the horizon
Life is pain free,
the wind wild in the love of
up in the clouds to carry.

Morning already covered with gauze
the awakening of the world.
Still today love songs
write. Ringing in the key of life,
and the sounds of the tragedy.
Already the morning the new goings happens,
the glory days of the clouds
guarantee is not the moment might appear light.

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