lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2016

Mourning dip into a large toy

Detail is something
such as a piece of salmon
I can always say I'll be.
I am too depressed,
and comforting your laptop
I see way too far.
Ah cramped time where I can find
the gate out of the darkness
from a large wide bus
away from sadness miserable alley.
Life sometimes tastes too
hard to come back to bite I do not know
hits other than the lyric
and mourn. I want to make a bed
the bed again, that
it gets quiet, good night's sleep.
The earth bears too time black
Spring beautiful birds
some waiting time
to become a goal for the Finnish Maiden
breasts rakes worm rich
mulch. I clothe upon
mourning dress bar in the corner
crouch alone, I can not find
unto the way for a friend.
So wanted to sleep eternal sleep bazooka
whether it is already the only possible
Allowed fate?

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