keskiviikko 14. joulukuuta 2016

December night

Night raps inside me a brick wall
high, I feel how time
dancing on the graves of more than December
darkness trepak .
I'm on an expedition lap
the night will go towards his own ego
the demons whip nails hit you.
I am the door ajar ready
you enter into, and out of the
have a night of dreams, and the rest from importing
Through the stone, and the stump
I swear in the name of freedom.
I can find within me the right words
the rhythm, the crisp output from.
Take a moment to me is the homan
who sees the eyes of condolence
brings the center of the everyday life of its right
forgetfulness. Give me
Christmas already come to give peace
feeling merciful than the rest
blessed. Do not enslave faith
brainwashing children, love
her only. Give up
Class differences in the creative pens
Christmas is a journey.
So many kinds of Christmas expectation
we are here in the world
on the road on the way of destiny.

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