torstai 15. joulukuuta 2016

Loss of control

Loss of control
where is the self-respect
we do not intentionally
the people provoked
be at any
is better margarine or butter
major, minor, or blues
Finland rings.
Only to have faith in your friends
love between,
I am here to make the trip
in the province of Karelia
rhymes I mixed the uproar soup
it might be a moment to stand
Finnish maiden, I am asked
writing competition
I do not know right where
being where you go.
Is a very floating refugee
which floats on the ferry to Finland
through the clouds.
Do we understand
what it's like to be homeless,
and what it feels like when your own
people living under a spruce?
We do not have any wise men of humanity,
not the spirit of the giants.
Sometimes I think of as a man,
between the woman only
which is full of heart
I understand what it is
be the North Karelian
is just the same whether I am male or female.
Unemployment is harder here
than the rest
too many people decide their lives
hanging with string or a skull with ball.
Perhaps better would be to stay elsewhere
but I feel the home of the fabric
the fir trees lovingly whispers, and its
that well in Joensuu
write poetry I guess.
It is requested me to politics
According to but there can not be
defected to get one.
I have decided to stay on this side of
the fence where the writers freedom of speech
defend this side of the fence.

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