maanantai 11. tammikuuta 2016

Sometimes I cry too

So He has visited
man, destroyed
the words of wise men. Soulless
He echoes in the hollow emptiness,
within just formulas learned.
No empathy, no tears
he can not see, even though the runs
Among the human journey.
Stupidity sharpen the scythe,
because off all the good cut.
Where is mother, father, child
the daughter of the country, where cruelty
whip waving.
What are mirroring the father of the sea again,
when a woman was brutally raped,
and the girl can not peacefully grow
woman. He faces some
child marriage. right
Swords were implicated in the blood
before its time, and people
exploited on the streets fearful
leaping like wild brown hares.
Sometimes I cry myself, even though the
I thought that the know-how
a long time ago I lost.

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