tiistai 12. tammikuuta 2016

I am alive again

The silence of the night I am
I open my memories of the belt,
night demons nails
hit you. I'm alive again,
Spring already feel the heart of the
january middle of the bustling city.
Too many memories of the past,
the future of the winds
freshly blow corners.
Individual moths are free
fly winter coat.
Now, taking a breather, it may
wakes up again hidden love
cold snow and ice on the ground.
I'm alive again, spring
I feel it already, I remember it
what it feels like the feeling of love.
You will think me if
you were then I would have
all the happiest woman
on the earth. Love scratches
matchstick in the dark night
january. Does it
the flame again, a piece of land?
How then I can go
the re-encrypt?
Ten angels sitting
nightdress. cocoa cup
steams on the edge of the table.

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