sunnuntai 3. tammikuuta 2016


Memories of treasures
summery moments
gentle explanations
light images become cotton clouds.
Sky blue piece of winter
I put my knit.
I miss the heat of the sun,
this january soon depart from darkness
caused it.
The water mirror landscape imprisoned,
proudly floating swans poem
The wild flowers, delicate beauty,
and a lovely summer day listlessness.
Bird concert in the early morning hours,
Mind treasure image recorder.
Dew droplets bead belt, 
and the owl alleviate rumors in the middle
summer night.
And making fun of the August twilight
when the moon created a glow over the world.
Now, the water surface is covered with an icy veil
and the air is biting
for frost to frost area.
I cold fingers nail
ice nails in the coffin of the winter,
and its spring look forward incoming again.

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