torstai 14. tammikuuta 2016

Light seed

In the center inside the darkness
heart of light to germinate the seed.
Where the road leads to the man,
so remember it's who write
you a song of love.
You might not find it in the lead stars
out of the darkness, not the light of day
the words in secret last.
From the trail lost in a number of
whether in front of a frightening 
range of rocks ?
Or waits there for a friend
a hand stretched out in the darkness
under foot. Emptiness of life of its
can sometimes fill up quickly.
Spring time is here again,
remember that when too much
snow on the ground.
Dare to jump into the dance shoes of life,
considered along with space,
the court of heaven celebrates 
the new opportunity.
Deep in the heart of one of the
there is a huge feeling of warmth,
you maybe she loves.

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