lauantai 30. huhtikuuta 2016

Too late for love

I always know how to do everything
right, the sleeves of the fight world
 the wrapper. I decide to have hidden
inside me all the love,
I fall in love again.
I want to destroy human feelings
the world's growing pollution pile.
Solidarity is the word point
unknown, where humanity,
and empathy is hidden?
Love is like a matchstick
broken surface, the fire glows only
awhile. I you, you me
only here a Ferris wheel
a fugitive. These measly
words elective vowels
I recycle sentences boomerang.
Silly words with tears leaking taps
I do not want it to be quivering longing
I wound flyer orders on love.
I did not have enough iron wire
wring a big heart, to express
you how I loved you.
How I missed, and I wanted to,
Now it's all over already is Miss
Fortuna is too impatient.

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